About Us

Tiger Construction & Excavation, Inc. is a Washington based residential and commercial construction & excavation company that has been assisting in the construction of extraordinary structures for over three decades. Locally owned and operated, Tiger Construction & Excavation, Inc. is a reliable company that has a history of rapid completions, well-done work and satisfied customers. Our equipment is new and reliable making you’re your quicker and less expensive. No surprises or disappointments, no wonder we are considered the experts in our field. Our quality workmanship has earned us a reputation as one of the counties premiere contractors.

Honesty, integrity, and Quality Workmanship. Team approach to project completion!


We specialize in Residential, Multi-Family and Commercial site development. We are experts in Drainage, Demolition, Foundation digging and backfill. Home-site preparations, Water, sewer, storm installation,  contaminated dirt remediation, land clearing, leveling,  pond creation, pool excavation, utilities, storm drainage, cleaning and repairing , dump truck service. We work with architects and engineers and maintain control throughout the design and construction process to ensure that your residential and commercial needs are met to the highest quality standards.

DRAINAGE; We are the drainage experts!! If your house or property needs drainage, we are the experts. We have over 30 years in drainage problems. Wet basements, wet property, soggy yards, failing driveways. We can fix any drainage problem!

DEMOLITION; Expertise is a must in demolition! This is the place you cannot afford to make a mistake. We have always completed all of demolition jobs on time, in budget, and without any incident or accident.

SITE PREPERATION; We started as a house and plat excavation company over 31 years ago. Since then we have excavated hundreds of homes, multi family projects, and commercial sites. There is no better and we guarantee the best prices.

“The best excavation company I have ever worked with” King County Project Manager.

We are very good at what we do . Let us prove it to you!


Dirt is our specialty! We’re Great!